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Placer County Office of Education built foundational knowledge in conceptual math through work in two grants; Rigorous Instruction in Mathematics (RIMS) and the Students Understanding Complex Concepts Equals Student Success (SUCCESS). These grants laid a strong foundation for Common Core Mathematics instruction by building county and district leaders with conceptual understanding of math concepts and the strategies in which to engage students in a deeper learning of mathematics.



PCOE provides the California Department of Education Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  Details and updates can be found on the California Department of Education CCSS Math Resources.  


Math CAASPP Google folder, including Achievement Level Descriptors, Claim/Target/Standards Alignment and Sample Items per grade level resources.


While the Common Core state standards are very explicit, there are still nuances which are explored in the California Mathematics Framework chapters and appendices.


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Heidi Espindola

STEM Coordinator

(530) 745-1326




Our What's M​y District App will assist you by matching your address to your district.  Once your district appears on the map below, you can find the district schools and contact information for school Board of Trustees, Administrative contact information, in addition to school district websites links. ​​

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     Event Spotlight

    ​Assessment Capable Learners Speaker Doug Fischer, Presenter

    Assessment Capable Learners Event

    We all know that collective efficacy is the new number one influence on students’ learning. And there is good reason for that. In part, efficacious teachers ensure that their students are assessment-capable, which means that students understand their current level of performance and compare that with the desired level of learning. Assessment-capable learners and their teachers select direct, dialogic, and independent learning approaches they know will help attain their shared learning goals. 

    Join us on February 5, 2020 for this extroadinary training event.

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