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Human Resources
PCOE Public Facing Web Site

 Human Resources


The Human Resources Department is a vital resource within the Placer County Office of Education serving the employment needs of PCOE departments to recruit and retain the most highly qualified individuals to serve in management, certificated, and classified positions. The HR Department offers a wide variety of support and services ranging from assisting job seekers with the application process to providing employee assistance with all personnel issues.

The goal of the department is to provide the highest quality of customer service in the most educated, professional, and courteous manner to all individuals.​​ Throughout this chapter, you will find information regarding employee assistance, health and welfare benefits, substitute teacher information, and other resources in regards to human resources at PCOE.


​Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


PCOE employees have access to our Employee Assistance Program. ​ View the Employ​ee Assistance Program



Loo​king to start an exciting career with Placer County Office of Education? If so, then be sure to view all of our current job opportunities by visiting EdJoin​.​​

 Bargaining Unit Agreements

This section is intended to provide information in regards to the bargaining unit agreements associated with Placer County Office of Education. ​This page provides an in-depth look at the agreements between PCOE, ​California School Employees Association (CSEA), and Placer ​Association of Certified Educators (PACE), CTA/NEA.


View Bargaining Unit Agreements

 Credential Information

Credential Information​When educators are looking to grow as a professional, having the appropriate credentials, permits, and certificates mean everything. Placer County Office of Education is happy to provide a helpful credential staff that's focused on making dreams a reality. From frequently asked questions to information for out-of-state teachers​​, we're here for assistance.

Learn more about the Credential Information

 Employee Assistance

Employee AssistancePlacer County Office of Education is not only focused on the education of students, but we also want all education teachers and professionals to have the tools they need to succeed. Our Employee Assistance Program is based around providing all employees with the resources and education needed.

Learn more about the Employee Assistance Program

 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions​From understanding job descriptions to finding resources when you need them, trying to figure out everything can be confusing. Placer County Office of Education is happy to have a Human Resources department that is focused on every need of the education professionals throughout the county. For your convenience, we've provided many answers to frequently asked questions relating to human resources.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions

 Health and Welfare

Placer County Office of Education believes that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce. That being said, PCOE is proud to provide a wide variety of health and welfare benefits for both current employees and retirees. ​From dental care to vision treatments, PCOE offers many solutions focused on affordable healthcare for our employees.

Visit Health and Welfare

 Job Descriptions

Whether you're looking for a new career or you've been waiting for your chance to become a PCOE employee, reviewing and understanding job descriptions is extremely important. For your convenience, we've listed dozens of job descriptions for both certificated and classified positions at Placer County Office of Education.​ Here you can see an in-depth look at the details of many jobs throughout the county.

View Job Descriptions

 Salary Schedules

Salary Schedules​While understanding job duties and requirements hold great importance to an employee, it's also vital to understand the salary and how it can grow over time. Placer County Office of Education proudly provides salary schedules for a wide variety of educational positions within the county. Here employees or those looking to apply for a job can get a clear depiction of their compensation package and how it can increase.

View Salary Schedules

 Substitute Teacher Information

Substitute TeacherWhen education professionals are ill, on vacation, or away from work for one reason or another, schools need qualified candidates to fill these important roles. While full-time teachers can create a lasting impact on a student, substitute teachers still hold great importance for the academic success of students all over the world. This section provides valuable resources on how to get started as a substitute teacher, including answers to many frequently asked questions.​

Visit Substitute Teacher​

 Why Work at PCOE?

​The Placer County Office of Education believes quality education is a vital priority for the students and citizens of Placer County. We work in partnership with the 16 local school districts and one community college district in Placer County to equip every child with a first-class education to succeed in a global economy, to appreciate the cultural, social and historical resources of their community, and to be active participants in civic responsibilities.

The vision of the Placer County Superintendent of Schools and the Placer County Board of Education is to provide exemplary leadership and service to schools, parents, and the community as we work together to provide a globally competitive, comprehensive, rigorous and relevant education to all students. Read more about the Placer County Office of Education's vision, mission and strategic goals.

Working at PCOE allows you to make a real difference in the lives of students and families throughout the county. And, we strive to uphold a workplace culture that is mutually beneficial through the PCOE Promise.

​Building Our Future Together - The PCOE Promise

The PCOE Promise is a promise we make to each other - that employees will exemplify the workplace expectations set forth by the Placer County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino-Mojica and that the organization will strive to uphold our workplace culture ideals for its employees.

Superintendent Expectations: Credibility, Excellence, Integrity
There are three expectations of all employees. These expectations set us apart and builds the trust of our parents, students and communities.

  • Credibility - The quality of being trusted. Credibility is a commitment to truth. How are you demonstrating your credibility in your work?

  • Excellence - The quality of greatness - the very best. In everything we do, we aim for greatness. Our students and our community partners deserve nothing less.

  • Integrity - The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Are you doing the right thing when no one is looking? Do you make the hard choice because you know it's best for kids?

Workplace Culture Ideals: Connected, Supported, Valued
There are also three ideals that we want the organization to uphold for its employees. These are the ideals we strive to achieve.

  • Connected - Do you feel connected to the greater mission of PCOE? Do you have relationships at work that you value? We want PCOE to be the type of workplace that shares information and empowers employees. We want to be a team.

  • Supported - Do you have the tools and resources you need to do your job? Are you getting the emotional support you need, and the constructive coaching to help you succeed?

  • Valued - Do you feel valued in a way that is meaningful for you?




Jason Drewry

Credentials Analyst

(530) 889-5993


​​ PCOE-Mortar.png

Mark Williams

Director, Human Resources

(530) 889-5916



Amanda Maynard

Admin Assistant - Confidential

(530) 889-5951


Janel Raynor

Personnel Assistant

(530) 889-5950



Colleen Slattery, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

(530) 889-5952



Lori Waldron 

Receptionist/Secretarial Assistant

(530) 886-2019



Lisa Ennis-Panganiban

Personnel Assistant

(530) 889-5962



Joylyn Ibbotson

Credentials Technician

(530) 886-5825



Gabrielle Bernal

Personnel Assistant

(530) 889-5992





PCOE utilizes EdJoin​​ (Education Job Opportunities Information Network) to post our job openings. Some positions are also advertised in local newspapers and publications.​



Benefits may include medical, dental, vision, tax-sheltered annuity, and STRS/PERS contribution. Specific information regarding plans and costs are provided once an offer of employment is made. ​



Some positions with PCOE do require testing. If testing is a requirement for a position, it will be specified on the job vacancy notice and EdJoin posting.​​​

 Event Spotlight


“A teacher affects eternity; you can never tell where their influence stops.“

― Henry B ​Adams​