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Youth Employment Services
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 Youth Employment Services

Youth Employment Services


As school provides many tools needed to successfully transition to adult life, there are many factors that make this transition difficult. Placer County Office of Education offers a variety of engaging programs to ensure a smooth transition for students throughout the county. While this transition can be both mentally and physically draining, the added responsibilities involved with adult life can pose a great deal of fear for these students. Our programs deal with the many factors of being an adult, but we mainly focus on finding and sustaining employment. In addition, we teach qualities of what it means to be a great employee, including organizational skills, time management, budgeting, workplace etiquette, work ethic​, and much more. To find more information about these programs, including who to contact for help, view the various sections below.


 Transition Support Services​

​Transition Support Services consists of two separate programs dedicated to supporting students as they prepare to transition to adult life, opportunities, and responsibilities. The primary emphasis for each program is employment.  However, as finding and keeping a job requires many specific skills, these programs also address organization, time management and budgeting skills, post-secondary education options, workplace etiquette and work ethic, among others. These programs are PCOE's Transition Partnership Program (TPP) and WorkAbility l.

Prevention Services is proud of these programs and love what we do. Please see the Documents and Employees links for additional program and contact information.​​

 Department of Rehabilitation


TPP is a partnership between PCOE and Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), serving students ages 16-21 who attend high school in Placer County and have a diagnosed "barrier to employment".  Many of our TPP clients have Individual Education Plans (IEPs), but this is not required.  The program provides one-on-one support with career exploration, pre-employment skills and job searches, possible paid job placements, help securing vital documents necessary for employment, and a host of other transition supports.




 WorkAbility Details

​WorkAbility l 

This program provides valuable pre-employment transition skills training to special education high school students currently enrolled in one of the Placer County Office of Education Court and Community Schools. This nationally recognized school-to-work program supports the transition of special education students while developing the skills necessary for competitive employment and success outcomes.

The school-based component is designed to promote career awareness and exploration, and involves activities including vocational assessments, soft skills, training, workplace etiquette and guidance to help students discover their strengths and interests. Students 16 and older may be eligible to participate in paid off-campus work placements based on their interests, abilities and aptitudes.

The mission of WorkAbility 1 is to promote the involvement of key stakeholders including students, families, educators, employers and other agencies in planning and implementing an array of services that will culminate in successful student transition to employment, lifelong learning and quality of life.

Funding for the PCOE's Workability 1 Program is made possible by a grant from the California Department of Education.

 WorkAbility Documents

 WorkAbility Resources



​Anne Ashton

Program Manager

(530) 745-1313



Tammy Manning

Employment Placement Specialist, TPP/WorkAbility

(530) 745-1319​



Amanda Cozington

Student Support Practitioner

(916) 784-6491​



Nancy Monroe

Employment Placement Specialist, DOR​

(530) 401-1841​





Yes. PCOE offers many resources and supports for children and youth experiencing homelessness. Visit our McKinney-Vento Homeless ​Education page to learn more.


PCOE offers a wide variety of support options for those experiencing a mental illness. Visit our Student Mental Wellness page to learn more.​


PCOE is happy to offer assistance to foster children in need. We provide support with academics, social/emotional assistance, transitioning, vocational help, and counseling supports and interventions. Visit our Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program page to learn more.​​​​​

 Event Spotlight

PBIS Tier 1 Training

PBIS New Team Members and Coaches Tier I Training

Tier I PBIS for new team members and coaches provides an overview of the key features of the PBIS framework including how PBIS systems, data, and practices support student achievement and further a positive social climate. 



​Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be. 

​― Rita Pierson​