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Credential Information
PCOE Public Facing Web Site

 Credential Information

Credential Information


​​Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) is focused on ensuring all educators have the resources they need to achieve their desired level of success. From furthering their education to providing credentials needed for certain positions, PCOE provides a credential staff that is here to help.


 General Information

​​The PCOE credentialing staff is part of the Human Resources department. Assistance and guidance are provided to current and prospective educators with meeting California requirements for certification and employment. Credentials services are available to Placer County school districts for positions requiring administrative, teaching, service and special education credentials as well as other permits and certificates. In compliance with state legislation and regulations, credentialing staff monitors Placer County school districts to ensure personnel are instructing and/or providing assigned services within the legal authorization of their credentials. 

If you have questions or general inquiries regarding credentials, please contact:

​​Jason Drewry
Credentials Analyst
Phone: 530.889.5993

Email ​

* If you are interested in a special education Intern credential, clearing a preliminary credential, getting a preliminary administrative or clearing an administrative credential, please click the link below to be redirected to the PCOE credentials program.

PCOE Credential Programs

Additional Information

All clear credentials and Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permits must be renewed online through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing’s website.  Renewals may be completed up to 1 year prior to the expiration date; however, the renewal must be completed prior to the expiration date. RENEW NOW AT ​

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) oversees college, university, and alternative program accreditations, issuance of credentials and permits, examinations to meet subject matter competency and changes in legislation and regulations associated with teacher credentialing.​

For FAQ’s on Credentials and other general questions visit CTC:​

 Specific Questions

How do I obtain a Vocational or Career Technical Education (CTE) Credential?

CTE credentials are issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).  All applications for CTE credentials must be submitted through an approved Program Sponsor. Information on the requirements for a CTE credential and a list of approved Program Sponsors are on the CTC website at the following link:​.

How do I obtain an authorization to teach English Learners?

There are currently two routes to obtaining an authorization to teach English Learner (EL) students. The first route is to take and pass the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) exam. Information on the exam may be found at​. The second route is through CTEL coursework approved by CTC. For general information from CTC regarding authorizations to teach EL students visit the following link:​.

How do I earn a California Teaching Credential?

All teaching credentials issued for service in California are issued by CTC for the respective credential area.  For information on approved teacher preparation programs please go the following links:

I hold a California teaching credential; how do I add an additional authorization to my current credential?

Individuals who are currently employed in a school district will need to file paperwork for additional authorization through their employer. There are many different types of additional authorizations available from the CTC.  For more information on the requirements visit these links:

I am currently a teacher and I would like information on how to become a school administrator?

For detailed information on the requirements to become a school administrator, testing, approved programs and authorizations, please visit this link to the CTC:​.

I am interested in becoming a school counselor, school psychologist or school social worker?​

For detailed information on the requirements and authorizations for school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, and child welfare and attendance regulators, please visit the CTC website at​.

 Out-of-State Teachers

​California's credential for service in a self-contained classroom (elementary and middle school) is the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. The credential for service in departmentalized classes (junior high, middle and high school) is the Single Subject Teaching Credential. Special Education Credentials in California are called Education Specialist Credentials and are issued in specific specialized areas. Fingerprint processing must be submitted for clearance with your first California credential application.

For more information on out-of-state teachers please follow one of the links below:



Jason Drewry

Credentials Analyst

(530) 889-5993



​Joylyn Ibbotson

Credentials Technician

(530) 886-5825





PCOE utilizes EdJoin​(Education Job Opportunities Information Network) to post our job openings. Some positions are also advertised in local newspapers and publications.​



Benefits may include medical, dental, vision, tax-sheltered annuity, and STRS/PERS contribution. Specific information regarding plans and costs are provided once an offer of employment is made. ​



Some positions with PCOE do require testing. If testing is a requirement for a position, it will be specified on the job vacancy notice and EdJoin posting.​