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Board Bylaws and Policies
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 Board Bylaws and Policies

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The  Placer County  Board of  Education, also known as the County Board, provides leadership and citizen input for educational programs and services operated by the Placer County Office of Education including services provided to school districts and the community. 

In 1881, county boards of education were established in Article IX, Section 7, of the California Constitution, with members of the board appointed by the county board of supervisors. By legislation enacted in 1955, members were first elected to serve on county boards of education in 1956.  The County Board voted on April 26, 1966, to become fiscally independent on July 1, 1966, pursuant to Resolution 66-151, which transferred certain duties and functions from the Placer County Board of Supervisors to the County Board.

The roles and responsibilities of the County Board are generally provided for in the California Constitution, in the California Education Code and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.  In addition, Education Code Sections 35160 and 35160.1 permit county boards of education to initiate and carry on any program or activity, or otherwise act in any manner not preempted by, or in conflict or inconsistent with any law, or with the purposes that county offices of education exist.

Major roles of the County Board include:

  • Exercising leadership on behalf of the County Office of Education in support of public education.

  • Working with the Placer County Superintendent of Schools to establish the direction and priorities for PCOE through its budgetary and planning responsibilities.

  • Acting as the appellate body for denials by district governing boards of interdistrict transfer requests and charter school petitions, and for their approvals of expulsion orders.

  • Acting as the governing board for juvenile court schools, county community schools and county authorized charter schools.


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The County Board consists of seven members whose terms shall be staggered so that as nearly as practicable, one half of the County Board members shall be elected on the date and in the same manner prescribed for election of governing board members of school districts.​


The term of office for County Board members elected in regular elections shall be four years, commencing on the second Friday in December subsequent to their election. 

 Meeting Spotlight



Regular Board Meeting​​

Date:  June 8, 2023

Location: In-Person, Burns Conference Room, 360 Nevada Street, Auburn

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Public Comment: Will be held at the start of the meeting



"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world"​

​-Malala Yousafzai