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Information Technology
PCOE Public Facing Web Site

 Information Technology

Information Technology


The Placer County Office of Education serves as a node site for the California K-12 High-Speed Network (K12HSN). PCOE IT staff manages network services that allow districts and schools within Placer County to connect free of charge to the statewide educational network backbone. PCOE currently has a 10 Gbps direct connection, which provides districts access to the internet as well as other educational resources.​​

Department Goals

  • Expand the use of cloud-based applications and technology by staff and students to enable access to resources beyond work and school settings.

  • Increase the use of learning management and registration systems to offer more online classes and events provided by PCOE.

  • Develop and offer more instructional materials and training for staff and students on the use of technology provided by the Information Technology Department.

  • Leverage consortium agreements with districts and other educational organizations to lower the overall costs to procure new and support existing technology.


 Instructional Materials

Below you will find PCOE Information Technology resources to assist you 24/7.   You can view these documents online or download for printing or viewing at a later time.

Adding Production Connection to Escape 3.5


Changing your Password


Email Retention


Encrypting Email - from PCOE to Outside PCOE​


New Hire - Email


New Hire - Outlook Over​view​​​



 Copier RFP 2021

 Web Design RFQs

Website Design RFQ.pdf​​

Website Design Question Responses​      

  1. Stated in the document, it says that the provider selected must meet all mandatory requirements. In your description, some items say "mus​​t do" and some say "should do." Should we assume the "must do" items are the mandatory ones? Or do you have a list of mandatory items/sections that you can share? ​   Please consider the words "must" and "should" to mean a response or systems to have or to include.​​​
  2. If the RFQ is more of a wish list but not all requirements, what are your priorities and absolute requirements for a new website/why are you looking for a different solution?  All items listed in the RFQ are functions that are desired in a solution to be delivered.
  3. Your requests are very customized. Are you looking for a solution that is primarily an out of box CMS with the ability for some customization to page designs along with a completely custom front page design if desired, or are you looking for a completely custom solution like with a proprietary or open source or SharePoint type solution where you have even more control?​  We are open to all possibilities as long as the desired functionality is a part of the eventual solution and has the ability to integrate with our existing intranet that is based upon SharePoint​.
  4. Do you currently have a digital accessibility scanning/reporting tool? Are you looking for one that is integrated with your new website in addition to built in safeguards in the editor?​  We currently use Site Improve, but open to the use of a built-in tool as long as it is capable of both state and federal compliance as it relates to accessibility.​



David Bayko

PC Technician​

(530) 889-5983



​April Berryman

IT Support Specialist

(530) 886-5863



David Garrett

PC Technician

(530) 889-5970​



Chris Jones

Senior Network Engineer

(530) 889-5938​



Sarah Hendricks

Staff Secretary

(530) 889-5988



Justin Kettenhofen

Network Engineer

(530) 889-5970​



Sean Ouimet

Web Applications Developer

(530) 889-5984



Samuel Pope

IT Systems & Applications Specialist

(530) 886-5805



Roveta Waters

IT Support Specialist

(530) 886-5885



Christopher Womack

Senior Director, Information Technology

(530) 889-5991



Craig Yarbrough

PC Technician

(530) 889-5970



What is the internet speed used by pcoe?

PCOE currently has a 10 Gbps direct connection, which provides districts access to the internet as well as other educational resources.​​

​HOw do students and staff stay up-to-date about the use of technology at PCOE?

One of the goals of the IT department is to develop and offer more instructional materials and training for staff and students on the use of technology provided by the Information Technology Department.​

How do I keep my laptop’s battery in good health?​

Don’t leave it fully charged all the time, fully discharge it once a month and keep it cool.​

How to stay safe on public Wi-Fi Networks?

Turn off sharing, enable your firewall, use HTTPS and SSL whenever possible, consider using a virtual private network, and turn Wi-Fi off when you aren't using it.​

Do I really need to eject USB drives before removing them?

Yes, even if the drive isn’t actively being written to, you could corrupt the data.  By default, most operating systems use what’s called "write caching" to get better performance out of your computer.  When you write a file to another drive – like a flash drive – the operating system waits to actually perform those actions until it has a number of requests to fulfill, and then it fulfills them all at once.  When you hit the eject button, it tells your operating system to flush the cache, making sure all pending actions have been performed.​

How can I tell if an Email is Spam?

Phishing scams are designed to look like official emails and websites from actual companies, but they aren’t.  Here are some samples using PayPal as an example, generally you see as part of the URL.  And sometime you’ll see something like as well.  Both of these URL’s are okay because they end in  A phishing URL, will look something like this  In this case, “paypal” is attached to another domain name.  Avoid domains like this.​

 Contact List


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” 

― William Butler Yeats​