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Facilities Planning and Construction
PCOE Public Facing Web Site

 Facilities Planning and Construction


The Placer County Office of Education Facilities, Planning and Construction Department has a primary focus on providing housing for the county's special education and community school student population. The facilities staff also provides services to districts that include will-serve letters and environmental services such as the Storm Water Management Plan and the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.​

 Informal Bidders List

Informal Bidding 
Contractor ListContractors can sign up to join PCOE’s Informal Bidders List to be able to participate in PCOE’s informal bidding process for projects under $200,000.

​​Visit Informal Bidding Contractors Lists

 Pest Management Plan

Pest Management Plan​Here at Placer County Office of Education, we understand having an effective Pest Management Plan is very important to the safety of both the environment and throughout our school districts. Therefore, PCOE has implemented Integrated Pest Management (IPM)​ to achieve our goals of sustaining a healthy environment​ throughout our schools in Placer County. While these plans are focused on dealing with pest issues, the top priority involves prevention. 

View the Pest Management Plan

 Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposals​Are you a contractor who would wish to help with some of our new construction or remodeling projects? Want to submit a bid? In this section, you can view various resources to help you find more information about submitting proposals, bids and more. Here you can also see more in-depth details about the projects we have planned.

Visit Requests for Proposals

 Requests for Qualifications

Request for Qualifications​Are you interested in helping Placer County Office of Education with architect needs, inspector services or website design solutions? Do you feel that you're qualified for one of our needs? If so, visit this page to get a more in-depth look at our specific requirements, and be sure to send us your qualifications for consideration. With our many plans to expand and improve our educational buildings on many different levels, we need experienced professionals who we can trust. 

Visit Request for Qualifications



Tammie Banuelos

Maintenance & Operations Specialist

(916) 415-4440





Matt Shawver

Director,  MOT, Facilities & Construction

(916) 415-4442





The plan consists of a process to achieve long-term, environmentally sound pest management through the use of various strategies including structural and procedural improvements to reduce food, shelter, water, and access used by pests.

Can the public use PCOE facilities?

The County Board of Education and the County Superintendent believe that the facilities of PCOE should be available to the public for a variety of purposes provided that the use does not interfere with the day-to-day operation of PCOE programs, operations, and activities.​

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