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Student Mental Wellness
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 Student Mental Wellness




Student mental health is critical to success in school and in life. A school climate in which adults maintain consistent expectations and teach positive social interactions greatly increase a child's mental wellness. In addition, when adults are trained to recognize early warning signs of stress and mental health concerns, schools can use strategies to increase protective factors and provide early intervention through appropriate school-based services and partnerships with other experts. Mental health services for children and youth are most effective when provided as a continuum of care that integrates school, family, and community in a Multi-tiered System of Supports.​ Placer County Office of Education offers support for those struggling with mental illness, including preventative assistance to help students maintain optimal mental health. Keep reading to learn more about our support and services in regards to mental wellness.

 Wellness Centers


 Mental Wellness Awareness

 Mental Wellness

To promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention, the following trainings are offered throughout the year to school staff and the community.  


WHAT IS IT?   A two-day suicide intervention skills workshop; participants learn to intervene and help prevent the immediate risk of suicide. Workshop features: presentations and guidance from two LivingWorks registered trainers; a scientifically proven intervention model; powerful audiovisual learning aids; group discussions; skills practice and development; a balance of challenge and safety.  Click here​ to see the schedule.​  

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Virtually anyone age 16 and older can learn the skills to intervene to save a life from
suicide. Community members and agency staff are encouraged to attend.

FEE:  $25 Due at registration.  No refund of registration fee with less than a 14-day cancellation notice.  Please note: to maintain the fidelity of ASIST trainings, we cannot permit more than 3-5 participants from one organization/school district in each training. ​


A Four-hour suicide alertness training which includes: presentations and guidance from a LivingWorks registered
trainer; simple yet effective TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen, and Keep Safe, hands-on skills practice and development.   Click here​ to see the schedule.​  Click here to see a description flyer.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? SafeTALK is an excellent tool for people (age 15+), regardless of prior experience or
training, who want to become alert to the dangers of suicide in a convenient timeframe.   

FEE: $10.00 Due at registration.  No refund of registration fee with less than a 14-day cancellation notice. 

Kognito At-Risk for Educators: 

To learn how to access Kognito for your Placer County school district, click here.

For more information regarding these trainings, please contact Stephanie Kaiser​​​



Below you will find many important documents to assist you in learning more about our programs. If you find any broken links, or you feel like a certain document should be included here, please let us know.​

Developing a Suicide Prevention Policy for your School District (2/3/17)


Below you will find many important resources to assist you in learning more about our programs. If you find any broken links, or you feel like a certain resource should be included here, please let us know.​


Learn more about: safeTALK



Learn more about: Kognito

 Chill Zone

 Elementary Students

Explore the Virtual Chill Zone here when you have big feelings and you’re not sure what to do.  Click around the Virtual Chill Zone to find your calm, re-group, and continue with your day.

 Family Resource Community Collaborative (FRCC)

 FRCC Information

​The Family Resource Community Collaborative (FRCC) is appointed by the SMART Policy Board with the responsibility to ensure county services support families and individuals in meeting this vision.

Purpose of FRCC

  • Engage the youth and family in assisting them to find solutions in an open, family-centered and community-based manner.

  • Case review and system/ services authorization.

  • Authorize and review out-of-state placements for children and youth.

  • Formal follow-up conferences as determined necessary by FRCC.

  • Review other cases as determined by SMART Policy.

  • Provide member's information and insight from family and community members on the status of Family Centered Practice, service needs, and system gaps for purposes of future system improvement and problem-solving.

  • Recommend lead agency responsibility for cases that appear to exceed the service capacity of any one agency, including 241.1 court recommendations when dual jurisdiction issues are present.​




Yes. PCOE offers many resources and supports for children and youth experiencing homelessness. Visit our McKinney-Vento Homeless ​Education page to learn more.


PCOE offers a wide variety of support options for those experiencing a mental illness. Visit our Student Mental Wellness page to learn more.​


PCOE is happy to offer assistance to foster children in need. We provide support with academics, social/emotional assistance, transitioning, vocational help, and counseling supports and interventions. Visit our Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program page to learn more.​​​​​

 Event Spotlight

PBIS Tier 1 Training


Placer County PBIS Recognition Event

In October 2019, Placer County Office of Education honored the 40 Placer County school sites that have been formally acknowledged by the California PBIS Coalition for their implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).​

View the photos on Facebook.




​Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be. 

​― Rita Pierson​