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State Preschool Programs are state-funded programs which offer full-day or part-day developmentally appropriate preschool instruction for eligible three- and four-year-old children. Our teachers are both nurturing and highly-trained, enabling them to meet each child's individual needs.​

Understanding child care requirements can be confusing. Our site is here to inform, educate and assist you with your questions about child care. Once you know a bit more about our child care programs, you may want to reach out to your local child care provider or one of our staff members for further assistance.  



​​​Placer County Office of Education offers pre-kindergarten classes for three-year-old and four-year-old children. The California State Preschool Program (CSPP) is for families who meet income eligibility requirements. Depending on income, families may be charged a fee. The preschool programs operate Monday through Friday, part and full day classes.  Head Start services are available at some sites. The daily program includes times for individual, small and large group experiences, circle, music and movement, language, science, art, math, dramatic play, block play, writing centers, and outside play. All activities are designed to help children be prepared for kindergarten. Nutritious snacks are provided.​​

  • For more information on the State Preschool Program please contact Teresa Dawson-Roberts, Director of Early Learning at: 530.745.1380 or em​ail.

 Preschool Sites and License #'s

Below you will find the location of Placer County State Preschool sites to assist you in finding child care. You may want to reach out to one of these states preschool site to learn more about their programs.   ​

Placer County State Preschool Sites and License Numbers
  • Carlin C. Coppin  (License # 313620674)  address: 150 East 12th Street, Lincoln, CA  95648
  • Cirby (License #313608379)   address: 814 Darling Way, Room 30, Roseville, CA  95678
  • Colfax - Little Bulldogs  (License # 313606938)  address: 24825 Ben Taylor Road, Colfax, CA  95713
  • Creekside Oaks (License # 313624423) address: 2030 1st Street, Room K-2, Lincoln, CA 95648
  • First Street School  (License # 313620673)  address: 1400 1st Street, Room 6, Lincoln, CA  95648
  • Kaseberg  (License # 313620676)  address: 1040 Main Street, Rooms 24 & 25, Roseville, CA  95678
  • Kings Beach  (License # 313318500)  address:  8125 Steelhead, Rooms M4 & M5, Kings Beach, CA  96143​
  • Little Blue Schoolhouse  (License # 313620672)  address: 104 L Street (First & L Streets), Lincoln, CA  95648
  • Rock Creek  (License # 313606939)  address:  3050 Bell Road, Room K-1, Auburn, CA  95603
  • Rocklin (Sierra College)  (License # 313606938)  address:  4745 Rocklin Road, Room PT-1, Rocklin, CA  95677​

 The Power of Inclusion




Placer County Office of Education, Early Childhood Education offers preschool programs for three and four year old children that prepare children for school success.​​​


Placer County Preschool Programs are available in Auburn, Colfax, Kings Beach, Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville.​


State Preschools have structured preschool programs that include areas of learning for Math, Literacy and Letters, Science, Music, Art, Outdoor play and more.​​

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    Parent Cafes:
    Zero to Three-Growing Brain

    The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development. Learn  how young children build social and emotional skills, and ways  to  support language and literacy development starting from birth. Visit gosig​nmeup​ for workshop information and to register.​



    “The best education is not given to students; it is drawn out of them." 

    ― Gerald Belcher​