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Request for Proposals
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 Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals


With the many remodeling ​and construction projects planned here at POCE, we are always looking for qualified workers to provide the services we need. If you're a contractor looking to help construct buildings for teachers, students, and faculty throughout Placer County, then feel free to send us your proposals so we can find a project suitable for you. Keep reading to find documents about some of the projects here at PCOE and answers to frequently asked questions.



Contractors resources for construction projects

1229 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Tenant Improvement Projec​t ​
Resources Available for the Project​


1229 Pleasant Grove Project Contract Number 2019 09 Bid Docs
​1229 Pleasant Grove TI BID SET
1229 Pleasant Grove TI BID SET SPC
Mandatory Bid Walk Sign In Sheet
Notice to Bidders 00 11 16​ 
​Pleasant Grove Addend-1​
Pleasant Grove Adde​ndum-1​​-Narrative

​Questions & Answers​

Q. What is the engineer's estimate?
A. The engineers estimate is approximately $2,000,000.

​Q. Who is paying the permit fees?​
A. Placer County Office of Education is paying the permit fees.​​​

Q. For the allowance requested in 01 21 00, please clarify how the 10% is to be calculated. Please provide an example for clarification.
A: In section 1.3 of Document 01-21 00 in the bidders docs please find the following language.

A. Included in the Contract, a stipulated sum/price of 10% as an allowance for Unforeseen Conditions within the limits set forth in the Bridging Documents. This Allowance shall not be utilized without written approval by the County Office. 

B. Contractor’s costs for products, delivery, installation, labor, insurance, payroll, taxes, bonding and equipment rental will be included in Allowance Expenditure Directive authorizing expenditure of funds from this Allowance. 

C. Funds will be drawn from Allowance only with County Office approval evidenced by an Allowance Expenditure Directive. 

​​D. At Contract closeout, funds remaining in Allowance will be credited to County Office by Change Order. 

​​​An example of this would be if the General Contractor’s bid to complete a project were $1,000,000.00, Section 1.3 calls for a 10%, owner controlled allowance. In the example this would then total $100,000.00, and grand total of the bid at $1,100,000.00. This allowance provides for unforeseen conditions and small scope changes. If unused, the remainder is returned to the owner. This allowance should be included as a separate line item in the schedule of values.

Q. How was the contract completion date of February 7, 2020 derived?
A. The engineer’s original estimate was for 40 days of construction. PCOE staff felt that was insufficient and calculated 52 days of construction beginning with an estimated Notice to Proceed date of November 20th. Allowing for holidays and weekends, we calculated February 7th as the completion date. Further consideration of the effect of holiday seasons and material lead times has caused PCOE to reconsider the completion date.  The new completion date for this project is February 28, 2020. A preliminary submittal schedule will be submitted 10 days after the Notice to Proceed, but submittals will be reviewed and approved by the owner and architect through the duration of constr​uction.​




The plan consists of a process to achieve long-term, environmentally sound pest management through the use of various strategies including structural and procedural improvements to reduce food, shelter, water, and access used by pests.


The County Board of Education and the County Superintendent believe that the facilities of PCOE should be available to the public for a variety of purposes provided that the use does not interfere with the day-to-day operation of PCOE programs, operations, and activities.​



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    "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world"​

    ​-Malala Yousafzai