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The Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) believes quality education is a vital priority for the students and citizens of Placer County. We work in partnership with the 16 local school districts and one community college district in Placer County to equip every child with a first-class education to succeed in a global economy, to appreciate the cultural, social and historical resources of their community, and to be active participants in civic responsibilities.

The vision of the Placer County Superintendent of Schools and the Placer County Board of Education is to provide exemplary leadership and service to schools, parents, and the community as we work together to provide a globally competitive, comprehensive, rigorous and relevant education to all students.

PCOE’s role includes approval of local school district budgets to ensure sound fiscal operation, reviewing and approving Local Control Accountability Plan​​s (LCAPs), and developing professional development and educational opportunities for educators. In addition to providing services to local school districts, PCOE also operates educational programs that provide services directly to students such as special education programs for students with rare disabilities and alternative education programs for students who have been expelled or probation referred.

Placer County Educational Snapshot


Placer County schools consistently rank in the top state and national percentages for test scores, college and career readiness, and daily attendance. It’s no wonder we are #goldineducation.

 Annual Report


 Office of the County Superintendent​

Office of the County Superintendent​The Placer County County Superintendent of Schools is a state constitutional officer, elected by the voters of Placer County, who acts as a liaison for local school districts and the state. The Placer County Superintendent of Schools works in collaboration with the Placer County Board of Education to provide leadership, accountability, resources, educational programs and student services to the students and families of Placer County.

 Board of Education

​​​​Board of Education​​The Placer County Board of Education are an elected governing board that operates under the authority of the California Constitution, the Legislature, California Education Code and the State Board of Education. The Board of Education approves the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the county office and its charters, approves the county office budget and serves as the appellate body for interdistrict transfer, expulsion and charter school appeals. ​​    ​​

Learn more about the Board of Education​​

 County Committee on School District Reorganization

​​​County Committee on School District Reorganization The Placer County Committee on School District Reorganization has a major role in the review and approval of proposals to change school district organization in the county. The committee consists of eleven members with two residing in each of the five supervisorial districts in Placer County and one Member-at-Large. The Placer County Superintendent of Schools serves as Secretary to the County Committee.​​

 Important Policies

​​​Important PoliciesThe Placer County Superintendent of Schools and the Placer County Board of Education desire to provide a safe school learning environment that protects students and staff from physical and emotional harm and have developed important policies aimed to achieve that goal. .​​

 Agency Initiatives

Agency InitiativesPCOE is leading the way on several statewide and regional education initiatives including the Geographic Lead for County Office Differentiated Assistance, School-Based Behavioral Health Collaboration and Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS).

​​Learn more about PCOE Agency Initiatives

 Connect with PCOE

Connect with PCOE There's so much going on at the Placer County Office of Education. We strive to keep you informed and connected by pro-actively sharing education news from throughout the county through a variety of channels.

Connect​ with PCOE 



Our What's My District App will assist you by matching your address to your district. Once your district appears on the map below, you can find the district schools and contact information for school Board of Trustees, Administrative contact information, in addition to school district websites links. ​


Placer County serves more than 2,000 children through our early childhood programs. We work together with child care providers, preschool teachers and school districts to provide early education and child care services.   


Our staff works together with families and infant children to assist in a child’s development and learning in their natural daily activities and builds on the next steps in the child’s learning.  Placer County staff travels to more than 150 homes per week.​


Placer County offers cognitive,academic, social and physical development of severely disabled students through specialized instruction and services. Our services are available for our students whose needs require a specialized program not offered in their local districts. Students include those who are severely multiply disabled, orthopedically disabled, hearing and visually impaired, emotionally disturbed and students with autism.​​

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    "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world"​

    ​-Malala Yousafzai