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Special Education
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 Special Education


Special Education services are available for our students whose needs require a specialized program not offered in their local districts. These students, infant through 22 years of age, include students who are multiply disabled, orthopedically disabled, hearing and visually impaired, students who are emotionally disturbed and students with autism. Stu​​dents must be referred by their district of residence. For additional assistance, contact the Placer County SELPA at (530) 886-5873​. 


 Assistive Technology

Assistive TechnologyThe Assistive Technology Team of Placer County Office of Education is comprised of professionals from multiple disciplines including teachers, augmentative alternative education specialists (SLP's) speech-language pathology assistant, occupational therapist and orthopedic impairment specialists. The Assistive Technology team provides collaborative assistance to schools, students, and members of the IEP team. Assistive Technology is federally mandated for all students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) by requiring the IEP teams to consider the student's needs for assistive technology devices and services in order to ensure a Free and Appropriate Public Education. 

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 Autism Spectrum Disorders Program

Autism Spectrum DisordersThe Autism Spectrum Disorders Program (ASD) is operated by the Placer County Office of Education and is a child and family-driven program designed to serve children exhibiting characteristics of autism spectrum disorders and/or significant behavior challenges.  There are currently 8 ASD classrooms located on regular school sites serving students from preschool through age 22. 

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BehaviorPlacer County Office of Education has a team of behavior specialists who work with students, parents, and teachers to help implement strategies for students who struggle with behavioral issues. Our behavior experts use a systematic, data-driven approach to change behavior based on positive interventions. In addition, the behavior specialists throughout our department have decades of experience in the field and still regularly attend training sessions to further their expertise.​ 

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 Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Placer County Office of Education is proud to offer an outstanding program to support students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The PCOE Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program provides instruction and services to these children in order to excel their development on an academic and personal level. From teaching sign language to helping them increase their social skills, the staff throughout our program are focused on helping these children live fulfilling, happy lives. 

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 Emotionally Disturbed

For students with emotional challenges, it can be difficult for these children to excel academically. Whether caused by trauma or certain experiences as a youth, moving past these events can be a very difficult task. Placer County Office of Education provides support for these individuals with the collaboration of professionals from many different departments, including special education teachers, school psychologists, school social workers, speech and language pathologists, and more.

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 Infant Development Program

Infant Development ProgramFor parents raising an infant with a disability, providing them with the proper developmental guidance can be challenging. PCOE proudly offers support for these parents with visits to the home so the child can learn and grow in their natural setting. These services and supports are designed to assist the parents and help their child grow to the next phase of development. In addition, our programs also aim to encourage parents to provide a healthy, supportive environment for their special needs child.

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 Itinerant Support Services

Itinerant Support ServicesPlacer County Office of Education is happy to offer Itinerant Support Services to schools and classes throughout the county. These professionals offer services to students, teachers, and staff. We are happy to have a wide variety of team members in our program, which include speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, school psychologists, school nurses, and many more. These professionals work with parents and schools to provide personalized support based on their specific needs. 

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JumpstartThe Jumpstart program at Placer County Office of Education is designed to offer support for infants who have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum who are between 20 and 36 months old. Our Center-Based Instruction program serves a small group of only eight children per day, so these children are provided with the type of personalized care they deserve. The program also consists of one-on-one structured group activities and playtime activities facilitating language development, motor development, and social, emotional, and behavioral growth.

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 Severe Multiple Disabilities

Severe Multiple DisabilitiesFor children that are severely medically disabled, having the tools and resources needed to grow on an academic level might be difficult to obtain. PCOE is here to help these students and families in need. District programs in Roseville and Newcastle are currently serving students from preschool to two years of age. Our program consists of a highly trained staff of professionals and paraprofessionals​ who work with parents and outside agencies to provide the support these children need to succeed.

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Whe​re are DHH student locations?

Students are taught in district general education settings, charter school programs, district special education programs, county s​pecial education programs, Home Hospital Instruction (HHI), or in the PCOE Regional DHH program.​​​​​

Does PCOE offer assistive technology for those with disabilities?

PCOE has a department focused on providing a wide variety of assistive technology devices to help children excel on an academic and personal level. From adaptive desks to special computer software, we have the tools your child deserves.​​

I have an infant with a disability. Does PCOE offer support?​

PCOE offers amazing support and services for infants with disabilities. Our team works with the family to establish the proper development of their child. Our relationship-based approach guides children and parents through normal everyday activities, and ensures they're ready for the next phase of development.​​

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    "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world"​

    ​-Malala Yousafzai