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Educational Services
PCOE Public Facing Web Site

 Educational Services

Educational Services


​Welcome to the Educational Services Division of the Placer County Office of Education.  The Educational Services Division is comprised of five departments, providing services to students, parents and teaching staff throughout the Placer County Region.
  • Career Development Department
  • Curriculum and Instruction Department
  • ​Prevention Supports and Services Department
  • Special Education Department
  • Student Services Department

Visit our various sections below for a more in-depth look on the many programs that we offer.​

 Important Information about Student Records

​Important questions about student records can be found below.

Who do I contact for PCOE or CORE Placer student records?

Please send your request to

How do I update my name and/or gender on PCOE student records?

Click on the following link for instructions:

 Credential Programs

Credential ProgramsThe Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) Leadership and Learning Collaborative (LLC) prepares and supports educators along a continuum of service from Pre-Intern/Para-professional preparation through Doctorate in Education.

 Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum And InstructionWorking with teachers and administrators to provide a comprehensive, systematic, rigorous and relevant education to all students in Placer County, the Curriculum and Instruction Department provides professional development opportunities as well as coaching and Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved programs.     

 Prevention Supports and Services

Prevention Supports And ServicesWorking with local school districts, the Prevention Supports and Services Department provides support to staff, students and parents through services that address mental wellness of children and adults to improve academic success for all students.   

 Special Education

​​​​Special EducationSpecial Education services are provided for students whose needs require a specialized program not available in their local school districts. Students infant through 22 years of age, include students who are severely multiply disabled, orthopedically disabled, hearing and visually impaired, students who are emotionally disturbed and students with autism.

 Student Services

​​​Student Services
The Student Services Department consists of the Court and Community School programs as well as the Pathways Charter School Programs.

Court and Community School programs are for at-risk students. Students are referred to these programs by the Juvenile Court, Placer County Probation Department and local school districts.

Pathways Charter School includes:

iLEARN Academy - an independent study program serving families with children in grades K-8 who desire to educate their children at home or in a blended program.

CARE - a County Community School program serving ninth grade students, is located on a local high school campus in Placer County. Comprehensive Response to Intervention including Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) services are implemented.

iCARE - is a Community School program located in a non-district campus, serving seventh through twelfth (7-12) grade students who are probation referred, expelled or placed by parent, probation and/or local school agreement. iCARE classes provide a small, self-contained setting with individual student attention.


who do i contact for pcoe or core placer student records?

Click on the following link to request PCOE or CORE Placer Student Records:​


Our What's My District App will assist you by matching your address to your district.  Once your district appears on the map below, you can find the district schools and contact information for school Board of Trustees, Administrative contact information, in addition to school district websites links. ​


Placer County serves over 2000 children through our early childhood programs. We work together with child care providers, preschool teachers, and school districts to provide early education and child care services.   


Our Staff works together with families and infant children to assist in a child’s development and learning in their natural daily activities and builds on the next steps in the child’s learning.  Placer County staff travels to over 150 homes per week.​


Placer County offers cognitive,academic,social,and physical development of severely disabled students through specialized instruction and services. Our services are available for our students whose needs require a specialized program not offered in their local districts. Students include those who are severely multiply disabled, orthopedically disabled, hearing and visually impaired, emotionally disturbed and students with autism.​​

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